Stephen Vitiello

Stephen Vitiello was born in 1964 in Richmond, Va. He lives and works in Richmond and New York. Stephen is both a sound and media artist that uses sound and sound effects to define the form and atmosphere of a spatial environment.

Stephen Vitiello is also considered to be an electronic musician. He has somehow figured out a way to transform atmospheric noises into creative soundscapes. Stephen has composed music for independent films, art installations and he has worked with artists such as Nam June Paik, Tony Oursler and Dara Birnbaum.

In 1999, Stephen Vitiello was awarded a studio space for six months on the ninety first floor of the World Trade Center Tower One. This is where he recorded the cracking noises of the building swaying under the stress of the winds after Hurricane Floyd.

I enjoy listening to Stephen’s creations. I believe it takes a tremendous amount of patience and time to put the right combination of sounds together to produce effective works. “I really like Parallelograms.”

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